Carson City, Nevada


A brand new mixed road and gravel event featuring the high desert of Nevada's Pine Nut Mountains.

We prospected. We hit paydirt!

In close partnership with Carson City we've discovered a never told story of dirt in the high country desert of the old west. You can sample the experience during our exclusive Pioneer's Camp; a September preview of the 2020 Segafredo Paydirt Prospect event. Space is extremely limited. Guests of the Pioneer Camp event will be honored with the lifetime designation (and the treasures to go along with it) of a "Pioneer"; an early-settler and founding-father VIP of the event that launches in 2020 for the masses in Carson City, Nevada.

Join THIS YEAR'S Pioneer Camp SEPT 20

The Pioneer Camp is an all-inclusive 3-day event. We take care of your lodging, food and experience. This exclusive event takes place September 20th - 22nd 2019.


Registration for the 2020 main event opens this fall.

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