Be in the Best Shape of your Life to Tackle the Stetina's Sierra Prospect and Conquer Mount Rose.
At Dai Endurance, we understand endurance athletes, we are endurance athletes.

These science-based plans developed by Julie Young help those with demanding lives maximize training time. At Dai, we know as elite athletes and coaches its more than just riding more, it’s a balanced comprehensive approach that includes off-bike stability and mobility, and efficient and effective structured on-bike workouts.

What You Get

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This 10-week training plan is designed for the busy individual with finite training time, and who has developed a base of endurance, riding approximately 10 hours per week. This plan will help fine-tune fitness for the specific demands of the SSP.

The plan will build over a four-week period with the fifth week focused on rest and active recovery. Each week will include suggested off-bike, stability and mobility work as well as structured on-bike workouts. Generally, the plan will include three structured workouts, two endurance days, one day dedicated to stability-mobility (shorter stability-mobility sessions sprinkled in to the week) and one complete rest day.

Mid-week workouts will be kept to 1.5-2h of total work (including off-bike and on-bike work) with Saturday’s workout at 2 hours for the Express plan and 2.5 hours for the Intrepid. Sunday’s endurance ride will range from 2hours building to 4 hours for the Express, and 3 hours building to 5 hours for the Intrepid.

In the first week of training, a field test will be scheduled to accurately determine individual training zones. Once the test has been completed the threshold heart rate and/or power will be entered in to the excel sheet located on this page. That excel sheet will calculate the training zones as noted in training.

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If you are looking for a more individualized plan, tailored to your unique life demands and individual adaptation, check out our three levels of training plans at